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Lions Medical Information Book Saving Lives

Home Hill Lions Emergency Medical Information Booklet

THE Home Hill Lions Club is offering Home Hill residents the opportunity to obtain an Emergency Medical Information Book, which provides the opportunity, if you are involved in an emergency, to feel at ease that your medical records will be with you and able to be handed to a paramedic or medical personnel.

More than 1.4 million of the Emergency Medical Information Books have been distributed throughout Australia by Service Clubs, with the support of a variety of organisations.

The Emergency Medical Information Book has reportedly saved many lives and it is known that many people have purchased another book so they can carry the second copy with them, especially when travelling.

The book comes in a plastic cover, with magnetic strips on the back, allowing it to be attached to the fridge at home, where attending paramedics can determine what drugs can be administered to assist a patient.

That precious time gained can often have a very dramatic outcome in situations where it has saved lives.

The Emergency medical information booklet is available from members of the Home Hill Lions Club and is available for a gold coin donation, which makes it a self-funded project for the service club.

An EMB pocket edition has been designed to fit in a standard wallet or pocket, so that they may be carried in it with whoever it refers to at all times.

Information in a pocket edition does not replace your own Emergency Medical Information Book, but is a prompt for contact details, medications, and medical conditions. Contact the Home Hill Lions Club to find out how you can obtain your Emergency Medical Information Book .