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Enter NOW for Rags to Runway in 2023

Burdekin Artisans Rags to Runway 2023

SEWING enthusiasts wishing to show off their talents will have until Friday, March 3, 2023, to get their entry forms in for this year’s Burdekin Rags to Runway.

While the presentations are planned for Saturday, April 22, 2023, there will be one major change this year with the event being held in the Burdekin Memorial Hall instead in the open-air setting of the Burdekin Netball Courts, as it has in past years. 

Entrants are required to purchase items either from second-hand organisations, local dress salons’ throw-out racks, or their own closets, to redesign for the Burdekin Artisans’ runway competition. 

(Receipts are required in the budget sections.) 

Entry forms are available from artipeople99@yahooo.com or by phoning Sandy Milani (0427 821 065) or Desley Jackson (0497 356 355).