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Maintenance underway

WE commented in our February issue about the ongoing concerns about overgrown properties thanks to La Nina and a very wet, wet season, which also coincided with council gardeners being on annual holidays. 

However, it is pleasing to see those council workers back on the job as many of the overgrown areas are being cut down by council and contractors’ mowers. 

It got to the stage where the grass on the median in Eighth Avenue was growing so fast that it was starting to cover the cement in the drainage areas along the grassed median. 

Similarly, there were bikeways that were growing into obstacle courses for cyclists as they tried to avoid large clumps of grass. 

Poison has now been applied to those bikeways and the grass is on its way out, although a shovel may help to remove some of the heavier dead grass along the routes, now that school is back in. 

Our wet season is certainly not over and mowers of all shapes and sizes will need to be on the job for some time to keep the town looking as respectable as possible.