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Popularity grows for Home Hill News & Coffee!

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WORD must be spreading quickly about the quality of the coffee being dispensed by Home Hill’s newest coffee shop, Home Hill News & Coffee, judging by a report we received earlier this month. 

We were told there were about four vehicles parked out the front of the business just after opening time at 5am one morning when those vehicle owners were surprised by a rather large B-Double truck which pulled up in the slip lane beside the parked cars (with a green traffic light as well), while the driver got out, went inside to claim his coffee and then climbed back into his vehicle to continue on with his deliveries around the north. 

We are told the local owners were too surprised and the vehicle was too large for them to argue about being boxed in—they just waited until the transport vehicle moved on. 

Obviously the service was quick and the hold-up was not enough to upset anyone—and it is good to see the business is attracting more foreign capital into the town’s economy.