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My Take on the Marvellous May to come…

Sweet Days Hot Nights Festival 2023

THE busy month of May is ahead of everyone in the Home Hill community and wider afield, as every weekend and many days in between throughout the month are filled with events to entertain the population. 

From the Home Hill Tennis Association’s longstanding Sugar Bowl Tennis Tournament, which was nearing completion as this edition of The Home Hill News was being printed, through to the Sweet Days Hot Nights Festival at the former Home Hill Showgrounds near the end of the month, there will be something for all ages to enjoy. 

There is no doubt our town will be attracting large numbers of tourists to stay and watch activities that will be unique to them—such as the hand cane cutting that even many amongst our own local population would not have seen in their lifetime. 

Hopefully, its success will help organisers to think again about holding this year’s program every two years—it is a novelty that people coming to town in the years in between will miss out on if they do not have the opportunity to watch the events. 

The Local Government election next year may be the only way to change council’s views on making this year’s program an annual event again.

In the meantime, we would also hope that the council puts a lot of time into improving the outlook of Home Hill’s Central Business District to present a glowing face to the visitors. 

Maybe the council could replicate what has been done in the Ayr CBD with signage, updated seating and rubbish bins, hanging plants, encouraging absent landlords to improve empty buildings and mow overgrown allotments etc— all of which could provide a pleasant welcome to visitors. 

Probably too late for this year—maybe in 2024?