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What do you love about Home Hill? 

Home Hill is Clean and Quiet

Nearly every day, I get to meet new people, mostly retirees from the southern states, that have shifted or are thinking off living in Home Hill.

I ask them what is the attraction here and the majority answer the town is clean, it’s quiet, it’s close to Townsville and the housing prices are quite reasonable. 

So instead of trying to sell Home Hill as a tourism destination, we should try to sell the virtues of a good and clean place to live with all the right ingredients for a comfortable life not forgetting, if they want to work, there are plenty of jobs available.

I have mentioned this before, rental accommodation is very hard to get if not impossible, so should the empty shops that line Eighth Avenue be converted to residential? 

Yes. It would cost a lot of money and just maybe, Council could come to the party with cutting some of the red tape. 

One can only hope and dream!