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What is happening, Queensland?

“WHAT has happened with decentralisation in the state of Queensland?” is a question we have asked several times in the past, but it is difficult for anyone in authority to give a definitive answer to the query. 

However, with everything that is happening in our state at the present time with regard to problem areas such as homelessness, lack of suitable rental accommodation for families, rapidly rising rents, increasing costs such as energy prices and many more, it seems reasonable to again ask why the State Government is not looking at encouraging more decentralisation instead of increasing growth at a rapid rate in their favoured south-east of the state at the expense of the regional areas, which contributes greatly to the state’s economic growth. 

Take a trip to the south-east and the most common promotional thought is for the proposed Olympic Games in 2032, which will offer little benefit to the northern regional communities. 

Billions of dollars will be spent on upgrading existing sporting facilities, while our roads are in poor condition and badly in need of works to improve safety, so much so that It seems hypocritical for the government to cry out about the rapidly growing road toll. 

Local Governments in western areas are offering cheap land and cash incentives to families to move to those areas and build homes for their future.

Surely those incentives should be in the realm of the state? Would the Burdekin Shire Council be in a position to offer such incentives for families to move to Home Hill? It seems doubtful.More thought needs to be given to moving people out to the country where there is suitable housing for sale and rental accommodation, both at reasonable prices—and many jobs for those who want to work.