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Huge Support for Sweet Days, Hot Nights

Sweet Days Hot Nights Festival 2023

SWEET Days and Hot Nights hit Home Hill with a vengeance at the end of May as the Festival that takes the population back to the days of hand cane cutting drew strong support from both local residents and visitors alike for the Friday night entertainment activities and the unique entertainment during the Saturday program.

Support from the public on the Friday night was so big that many attendees had to find parking on the eastern side of the railway line near the Post Office and in the main street.

And while numbers were not as large on the Saturday, those present still enjoyed watching and learning from the unique competition.

Variety was also evident in the entertainment that was provided on Friday night and on Saturday, while those present also enjoyed a wide variety of foods that were on offer.

Results in the competitions for the 2023 Australian Hand Cane Cutting Championships:

COMPETITION 1 – 55 Years & Over Age Category:

 1st – John Arrate, 14.03min

2nd – Enzo Codega, 16.16min

3rd – Jeff Bradshaw, 19.10min

COMPETITION 2 – 35 Years to 55 Years Age Category:

 1st – Tony Felesina, 15.00min

2nd – Jeff Ellwood, 16.58min

3rd – Mark Vass, 17.20min

Special Mention – Patrick Putman

COMPETITION 3 – Under 35 Years Age Category:

1st – Stuart Gilbert, 17.13min

2nd – Angus Gilbert, 23.20min

3rd – Karl Altmann, 26.40min

COMPETITION 4 – Ladies Cup:

1st – Rhonda McBow, 6.29min

2nd – Nikki Vass, 6.49min

3rd – Sue King, 7.02min

COMPETITION 5 – Novice Ladies:

1st – Traci Ellwood, 10.22min

2nd – Sandi Burt, 16.30min

3rd – Nicole Fox, 18.27min

COMPETITON 6 – Australian Hand Cane Cutting Championships Final:

1st – Adam Gilbert, 23.10min

2nd – Stuart Gilbert, 26.17min

3rd – Enzo Codega, 28.09min

4th – Jeff Elwood, 28.25min

5th – Mark Vass, 28.31min

6th – Tony Felesina, 29.55min

7th – John Arrate, 32.19min

8th – Karl Vass 34.08min

COMPETION 7 – Pacific Hydro Corporate Challenge:

1st – Next Gen Renewables, 16.13min

2nd – Mt Alma Organics, 26.20min

3rd – ANZ 3, 28.40min

COMPETITION 8 – Swindley Memorial Cut, Top & Load Relay (held in honour of Kevin Swindley):

1st – Adam Gilbert, Stuart Gilbert, Angus Gilbert, Keith Gilbert 20.41min

2nd – Enzo Codega, Patrick Putman, Karl Altmann, Jeff Alwood, 27.08min

3rd – Tony Felesina, Aaron Bathis, Trent Higgs, Dylan Carew, 32.12min

First Fire of 2023
First Fire of 2023