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Let’s chat about the New Budget

Burdekin Shire Council

THE Burdekin Shire Council states in its budget that a massive amount of money (millions) is going to be spent on the Ayr Industrial Estate. 

Question—is this for the whole of the new estate or parts thereof?

I am led to believe that no government funding was available for this project, so does this leave the ratepayer to finance the lot? 

I truly hope there are businesses out there that will step up to the mark and commit to some of the new blocks that will be on offer. 

Speaking of industrial estates, where does this leave Home Hill?  Do we need one? 

I think so, just as much as the need is there for a new expansion in Ayr, and how lucky are we, the budget for Home Hill is $400,000.00 so I believe as published.

Below are some of the budget figures, which I believe are right at the time of writing. 

The 2023/24 budget includes:

Water projects:

  • $460,000 for expansion of the Ayr Industrial Estate water supply infrastructure
  • $350,000 to complete the Mount Kelly water main renewal
  • First year of a $200,000 per annum fire hydrant replacement and renewal program, Ayr and Home Hill, I hope
  • $120,000 to complete the water supply disinfection dosing equipment upgrades, Ayr and Home Hill, I hope

Wastewater projects:

  • Close to $7 million to complete the Macro Algal Sewage Treatment Facility at the Ayr/Brandon Sewage Treatment Plan
  • $800,000 for expansion of the Ayr Industrial Estate sewerage infrastructure
  • $250,000 to a refurbish Trickle Filter at the Ayr/Brandon Sewage Treatment Plant
  • $120,000 to replace two Sewage Pump Station switchboards at the Ayr Industrial Estate
  • Roads/Drainage Construction projects include—$870,000 for roadwork’s construction at the Ayr Industrial Estate; $630,000 for drainage expansion at the Ayr Industrial Estate.

Road Design projects:

  • Ayr side: $80,000 towards the Upper Haughton Road design
  • $60,000 for the heavy vehicle bypass reconstruction
  • $45,000 for the reconstruction of Colevale Road
  • $30,000 for the reconstruction of Toll Road.

Design and Construct projects: 

  • $550,000 for the new roundabout at Soper and Graham Street intersection Ayr
  • $200,000 for the reconstruction of sections of kerb and damaged road at the existing Ayr Industrial Estate. 

I am pushing to find Home Hill mentioned.