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Services that do Home Hill Proud!

OUR town is lucky to have some services that more and more regional communities are desperate for. 

It would be hard to go a week without complaints from small communities around our nation about the lack of doctors, which would be regarded as a “desperately essential” service.

How lucky are we to have the services of Dr Sarat Tata and his team at the Home Hill Surgery, who look after our health (and that of people from out of town, including travellers) seven days a week, while also providing for other areas such as hearing, pathology, dentistry and much more. 

And how lucky are we to have the sporting organisations that are based in Home Hill, while providing for followers from throughout the Shire.

Such as the Burdekin Race Club, which will be publicised around the nation on Thursday, August 31, when a TAB meeting takes place on the track—the centre of which provides for cricketers on turf wickets and the Tennis Association, which boasts a large number of courts that any larger town would be proud of. 

And don’t forget the Burdekin Netball Association, which caters for large numbers of players on excellent facilities— plus many more. 

While we are forced to head out of town for many of our services, we can count ourselves lucky that there are times when our community is ahead of others.