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Race Club Officers give Notice ahead of AGM

Burdekin Race Club President Ricky Gudge and Secretary Treasurer Leanne Gudge

THE President of the Burdekin Race Club, Ricky Gudge has given notice that he will be standing down from the position at the Annual General Meeting in September so that he and his wife, Leanne can undertake a long-held plan to travel throughout Australia for two years.

Speaking at the August meeting of the Club, Mr Gudge said he had enjoyed being the President, but he felt the time had come for someone else to take the reins. 

“Change is good as it allows for new ideas, which, hopefully, will enhance our club,” he commented.” 

So if anyone has an inkling of leading the club, please arrange to be nominated” at the annual meeting.

Mr Gudge advised that Treasurer Leanne Gudge had submitted the club’s books for auditing, which takes around six weeks. 

As a result, the Annual General Meeting would be held on September 26 to allow time for the books to be returned. 

Mr Gudge told the meeting that he and his wife, Leanne would be going on a working holiday next year. 

That is something we have always wanted and are estimating to be away for approximately two years,” he said. 

“I envisage returning quite regularly by plane as Leanne will be missing the grandkids by the time we reach Gumlu”.

“I know in our absence, the club will be safe hands and we would love to get back involved when we return”.

The travel plans by Mr Gudge and his wife, Leanne (pictured below) who is the club’s Secretary/Treasurer means that the Race Club will also be looking for replacements to fill those positions at the forthcoming AGM.