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Disappointment over Burdekin TAFE Consultation Workshop

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THERE was disappointment all round last week with a political to and fro over the Burdekin TAFE College based in Home Hill and a so-called “Consultation Workshop” that was to “guide a 10-year infrastructure strategy” for the college.

We can remember many arguments prior to the last state election over the college and the standard of their facilities.

Since that time, we have not heard of any action taken to correct those claims — which most would have expected from the government to ensure the right message went out.

Now the Home Hill Chamber has heard of reports about the “consultation workshop” with the state government advising of 15 local people being invited along with Brisbane consultants.

We heard that there were two engineering firms invited — and there is no problem with that because they are the types of businesses that would use TAFE to train their apprentices.

However, to suggest that an invitation went out to the “Chair of the Home Hill Chamber” (which we know was not received if it was sent) tends to make other statements unbelievable.

And it raises more questions:

Was the “Workshop” held at the college in Home Hill and who were all the other local participants.

Another question that we would love to see answered is whether the results from the Workshop will be released to the local public so that they are aware of the current situation with the college — or is there going to be another political argument ahead at the next state election due in October, 2024.