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Burdekin Electorate Third in Road Deaths

COMMENTS in The Home Hill News in the September edition relevant to the “serious car accidents in our own area”, as well as throughout the state, being a growing concern to the state government and to emergency services because of the growing number of lives being lost, have been backed up by the LNP State Member for Burdekin and Shadow Minister for Rural and Regional Affairs, Dale Last MP.

“To be ranked third in the state for deaths on our roads is not a title the Burdekin electorate deserves, or is proud of”, Mr Last said in a press statement.

“Sadly, the nine deaths recorded were between January and July and given recent tragedies in the electorate, that number is now far higher.” Mr Last said that when justifying the state government’s increase in coal royalties, the Treasurer said that all of the money, and more, would be going to regional Queensland.

“If the number of deaths on the roads in the Burdekin electorate does not justify safety upgrades to our roads, then I don’t know what will,” he commented.

“The top five areas for road fatalities are all in regional Queensland and throughout regional Queensland, we have roads that are not up to scratch. 

“Regional Queenslanders don’t expect our roads to be paved in gold, but we also don’t want our roads awash with blood.”

The Member for Burdekin said the Labor state government was pulling up to an extra $27.5B out of coal mines in regional Queensland, including in the Burdekin electorate.

“Just 10 per cent of that extra funding would strengthen and widen 1000km of road and, potentially, save lives. “While the current government obsesses with projects in the south-east, regional Queensland gets treated as a cash cow and the carnage on our roads continues.”

Mr Last said the Burdekin electorate contributed billions each year to the Queensland government’s coffers but, as the RACQ confirmed, road conditions were appalling.

“Meanwhile, the state government sits on its hands while road safety projects sit abandoned following the contractor going broke.”