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Dale says – Action on Road Safety starts with Safe Roads

Dale Last MP Member for Burdekin

DURING the earlier September sitting of Parliament, Transport Legislation amendments were debated and as the Shadow Minister for Rural and Regional Queensland and the Shadow Minister for Police, I spoke about the impact of sub-standard roads and a sobering statistic that would send shivers up the spine of every Queenslander.

Already this year, 75 per cent of road fatalities have occurred in rural and regional Queensland.

While driver behaviour plays a significant role, it is up to the state government to ensure the roads that we drive on are actually safe.

South of Home Hill is a 30km section of road works on the Bruce Highway that has sat dormant for seven months, because this state government failed to do its due diligence with contractors.

Seven months of inaction on a 30-kilometre section of the Bruce Highway is not good enough and I have ramped up the pressure on the Government to secure a contractor to complete this project.If we are going to get serious about addressing the road toll in Queensland, our roads need to be up to scratch. Unfortunately, at the present time in many parts of Queensland, that is not the case.