Home Hill News

Requests to expand Home Hill News?

I HAVE had many requests with regard to the “Home Hill News” to include the rest of the Burdekin Shire. 

Great idea, but I just want to point out this is a limited volunteer effort, with the continuous help of Wilmar. 

Also, all costs are borne by the Home Hill Chamber, as we are a not-for-profit organisation. 

What I’m saying is, without serious help and financial assistance, not much will change as the job is getting too big—All which could come to an end because of outside interferences? 

The Home Hill News is now available in limited numbers at Woods News in the East End Centre. 

It is also available on the Chamber’s web page or you can subscribe to it by registering your email address.

THE Committee for Brisbane, headed I believe by Barton Green, is pushing for daylight saving (Courier Mail October 9, 2022). 

It was quoted that there was 87 per cent support for another trial.  A question: 87 per cent from where? 

This Committee is made up of South-East Queensland members. It went on saying most Brisbane residents are in favour of it being introduced. I don’t remember them asking the rest of Queensland what we all thought about this idea. 

My thought on this is, if you want to get up earlier do so, but the rest of us will do as we please and will not be dictated by so-called Brisbane Business people.