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Christmas Greetings to Prime Minister – 1944

CHRISTMAS greeting from the Second World War era was brought back to the families associated with The Home Hill Observer during the past month, with a Facebook reminder of correspondence exchanging the festive greeting in December, 1944.

The exchange had commenced earlier in the month when the then proprietor of The Home Hill Observer, Mr Tom Jackson, had passed on “The Kindest Thoughts and Best Wishes” to the then Prime Minister, Mr John Curtain.

The card offered the Prime Minister “the Season’s Greetings and a wish for your speedy return to good health”.

Tom Jackson also did not miss the opportunity to ensure the national leader was well aware of Home Hill with the card carrying a series of local pictures (which were not produced as easily as they are in the current times) as well as a rundown of the agricultural side of Home Hill.

It read – “HOME HILL – a flourishing town, which has grown rapidly since the erection of the Inkerman Sugar Mill in 1915. It is located about a mile south of the Burdekin River. During the period 1931 – 1940, the total sugar manufactured was 330,732 tons, the highest yield in 1930 with 12,000 tons. During these 10 years, the average was less than 7 tons of cane to manufacture one ton of sugar. 

There are 200 suppliers to the mill and all farms are served by irrigation, the majority being backed up with the central power house and electricity transmitted to all farms for pumping purposes. 

It is the sixth largest scheme of its kind in Queensland and was taken over by the farmers from the State Government. In addition to sugar cane, other crops including cotton, tomatoes, potatoes and vegetables are being grown in great quantities. The area has a great agricultural future”. 

A response dated 20th December, 1944, was received in letter form from the Prime Minister’s Private Secretary advising that “The Prime Minister has requested me to drop you a letter and thank you for your Xmas (sic) card and greetings.