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Gun Cane Cutter all the way from Bundaberg

Patrick Putman Hand Cane Cutter

BELIEVE me, we live in a great town that produces such a great festival such as Sweet Days and Hot Nights.

The town has seen a great influx of travellers and tourists to the betterment of all. 

I was fortunate enough to meet a gun cane cutter from Bundaberg, who travelled all the way up here just to take part in the competition. 

Patrick Putman has been part of the cane cutting competition way back, when it still was held in Dalberg. He achieved second place in 2017. 

While in the shop, Patrick produced a sugar bag of an assortment of cane knives of various shapes and sizes plus his favoured one, which he uses in competition with a 60-year-old handle, but with many replacement blades. 

We wish Patrick and his family all the best in their stay in Home Hill.