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Lock up, Home Hill!

WE need to put out a reminder to many of our residents that there is a need to lock up property and ensure they are not easily targeted by the criminal element that seems to be growing locally, just as much as further afield.

It all seemed to be targeting larger regional cities like Townsville and Cairns— but now that those in the southern cities are being targeted, all of a sudden vehicle thefts are being reported in the major media.

Home Hill is not being left out, as we have heard reports of vehicle thefts from private residences and from businesses in the town in the past month. 

Locking up is important, but those responsible seem to have no trouble gaining entry and give little thought to the damage they cause to private property. 

The police catch culprits and the courts let them go—and the perpetrators are well aware of that. 

What can be done to make our state government take more action against the offenders and give more thought to the costs incurred by the victims—such as having to replace a motor vehicle when they least expect it.