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Cash Must be Preserved

Australian Notes

On the subject of money, everybody’s favourite topic, another article I’ve come across from (https://boomfinanceandeconomics.substack.com/) that stated access to cash must be preserved in the Constitution.

I fully agree that we cannot have and live in a society that is cashless, where the government has full control of your money, knows exactly what and where you spend it.

Some day, some bureaucrat in some office will declare that you and I have too much and that the Government needs to control it.

Cash could be restricted as a means of control.

Cash is your money, your freedom, not created by a bank in a bank loan.

On any given day electronic banking could crash due to power failure for a length of unknown time, no cash, now what?

I remain suspicious of using credit and debit cards for any and all transactions, particularly for smaller, every-day items.