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Kevin Wood’s long-term service recognised

Kevin Woods of Home Hill receives his recognition certificate for 35 years of service to the Endeavour Foundation

A long-term Home Hill resident, who has provided over 35 years of service to the Endeavour Foun-dation in the Burdekin, has been recognised by the Foundation for those years of service with the presentation of a Certificate in front of his co-workers.

Kevin Woods (61) was 21, “going on 22”, when he started working for the Foundation picking vegetables at the former Endeavour Farm on Groper Creek Road, Home Hill.

However, Kevin said four years had been “lost” from his record, as his years of service was recognised from when he was 26 years of age in 1984 through to the present.

That role continued until Kevin and the rest of the workers moved into new premises in Eighth Avenue, Home Hill, where their services to the Foun-dation continued to recently, when they moved again, this time to new facilities in Ayr, where they are continuing with their role in packing cleaning cloths for local businesses.

Kevin’s role with the Endeavour Foundation changed somewhat when he was successful in gaining his Drivers Licence (a HR Licence), which resulted in him driving trucks for the organisation, as well as tractors.

That meant delivering plants and seedlings to farmers as far away as Brisk Bay near Bowen.

Kevin said that even though he had been recognised for his 35 years with the Endeavour foundation, he would continue to work with the organisation into the future.