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Rising Fuel Prices urging Locals to support Locals

THE rapidly increasing price of fuel could be a catalyst for helping Home Hill businesses by encouraging the community to shop in Home Hill for their needs, instead of having to travel to Ayr. 

Our town is well serviced by those businesses operating in our CBD and all it needs is for shoppers to ensure they check what is available locally before they head away from Home Hill. 

There are those who think they have to buy supermarket needs in Ayr—but our town does have an excellent supermarket that can provide for most products and at a comparable price. It is the same for school supplies from our one and only newsagent. 

While a night out on the town can easily be accessed at one of our local restaurants or takeaways—and that service is increasing, as can be seen from the Burdekin Motor Inn’s advertisement in this issue. 

Buying cars has become harder because of the lack of dealers in the town—but drivers still have a choice when it comes to servicing and maintaining their vehicles. 

However, there seems to be little chance for proposed electric vehicles to be too popular in the future in Home Hill unless a charging point is provided locally by government or our only service station—why would anyone want to drive to Ayr to charge such a vehicle? 

Rising fuel prices give local residents plenty to think about in the future—but the main point is to ensure you continue to support our Home Hill businesses—and any new ones that are opening up including a Laundromat.

Local residents should also check to see if Ayr businesses provide a delivery service to Home Hill, as is the case with My Pets. Even though they moved to Ayr, we were advised that they will deliver goods to Home Hill to save you travelling to Ayr—all it needs is a phone call.