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Home Hill Christmas Decorations 2022

Home Hill Xmas Lights 2022 Nativity Scene

Following the judging undertaken last weekend by the management committee members of the Chamber, and decisions made individually by each of the judges, the following are the results based on the average of those combined decisions.

Neighbourhood Christmas Decoration Award

The winner was the area of Fourteenth Avenue from Twelfth Street towards the Home Hill State Primary School (Opposite the School Playing fields) and around the corner into Twelfth Street on that side of the street.

The houses include Doug and Frances Chappell’s home along with four others.

Individual Trophy

The winner was Noel and Michelle Bathis, of Second Avenue, Home Hill. Following on from their win last year, they have excelled with a much bigger display of lighting that extends from their front kerbing to the highest parts of their roof line.

Special Mentions

Each of the judges have provided special mentions for various homes throughout the town including colourful displays in Tenth Avenue, Twelfth Avenue and Inkerman Mill Estate as well as other parts of the town.

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