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The Owner, The Trainer, The Jockey

Foote Family Members

WE need to update our story from the June issue of The Home Hill News regarding the Foote Family’s association with racing in Home Hill many years ago, mainly through the efforts of patriarch, Jock Foote, a former owner, trainer, and jockey. 

Jock has been recognised through his name being adorned on the stables at the racecourse. 

The family displayed a Home Hill Cup trophy won many years ago by Grand Poplar, which was trained by Jock Foote—but we did not mention that Jock was also an owner of the horse. 

The Foote Family also took the opportunity to recognise The Home Hill News and the contribution it is making to the Home Hill community with a combined donation to the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce. 

The Chamber appreciates the support from the family and their contribution to the publication.