Home Hill News

New Upgrades underway!

THE ink had not even dried on our comments in last month’s issue on the lack of service stations in Home Hill when we noticed that work was under way on the upgrading of the former BP Service Station into a United Service Station. 

We are certainly not claiming responsibility for that happening, but it is good to see that the work is under way as it is very welcome and it will make life a lot easier when the facility is up and running. 

Similarly, it was pleasing to see work moving forward on upgrading the Commercial Hotel on the section on the top floor that was damaged in Cyclone Connie back in 1959. 

The bonus on top of all that would be if work was to start on the proposed service station at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Sixth Street but that is a wait-and-see situation. 

What would help would be if the Council could find a way to do something about the derelict shop beside the Doctor’s Surgery, that is currently in its hands after it took control of it for unpaid rates. 

The shop did not sell in an auction and in its current condition, it would not take much for a wayward cigarette butt or match to set it up in smoke— and that would affect the entire block.