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Bring back the Volunteers!

ANOTHER question that is being asked around the region is where have all our volunteers gone? 

Over many years, organisations throughout the district have benefitted from the combined efforts of numerous volunteers who have been the backbone of those organisations. 

However, volunteer numbers are dwindling, and it is not just in one area of interest that it is occurring. 

Workers from Blueys Thrift Shop are doing a marvellous job in Home Hill looking after the clothing needs of the local community and especially those who are not in a position to outlay large amounts on what they wear. 

However, they contacted us recently because they are in need of more volunteers to help customers during their opening hours. 

Then there are the local organisations who provide excellent service throughout the district—but attendances at meetings are becoming less in numbers, which in turn makes it harder to carry on their community efforts. 

The Chamber of Commerce will be one that will be in need of a secretary later this year, as their current officer prepares to leave town.

The Burdekin Race Club is looking to fill a similar position on their committee to relieve the increasing workload on their secretary/treasurer, who has been doing an outstanding job in both positions. 

Each position is not an easy task by itself in the racing industry, but to undertake both as proficiently as the current officer has is mind-boggling. 

However, the time has come to fill the positions individually and anyone in the community with any type of administration experience would be most welcome at any of the mentioned organisations. 

If you are able to offer your services as a volunteer or in a specific position, contact the clubs to obtain information about what is involved—you will be most welcome.